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By Chandni Sangar Graphic Designer
Published On: March 01, 2024

Role of Visual Hierarchy in Bento Box Web Design inn UI/UX Designing

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Bento Box Web Design

Once upon a time in the bustling world of digital design, there was a whimsical concept called "Bento-Style UI." It was as if a wise designer had borrowed a page from the Japanese bento box's playbook – a design philosophy weaving together neat sections, thoughtful organization, and captivating presentation. The tale of Bento Style began, promising a journey through the enchanting landscape of UI/UX design.

In the heart of this tale, Bento-Style UI unfolded like a well-crafted story, inviting designers to imagine their interfaces as vibrant bento boxes. Each section, much like a compartment in the box, had a unique role to play, contributing to the unfolding narrative of a smooth and cohesive user experience.

Design Process in Bento Design

As our design journey progressed, we encountered the key principles of Bento Style, each a character in the story:

  1. Compartmentalization – The Art of Arranging Elements:
  2. Bento Style, inspired by the structure of a bento box, encouraged designers to break down interfaces into distinct sections. These compartments, like chapters in a story, added visual harmony and simplicity, making the user experience more akin to turning the pages of a delightful narrative.

  3. Visual Hierarchy – Crafting a Digital Feast for the Eyes:
  4. In this narrative, Bento Style urged designers to establish a clear visual hierarchy. Much like a storyteller skillfully weaving a plot, designers prioritized and organized elements, guiding users through a visual feast where each interaction felt intentional and satisfying.

  5. Simplicity and Functionality – Balancing the Plot:
  6. Embracing the simplicity of a well-prepared bento box, Bento Style in UI/UX focused on essential features and functionalities. The storyline unfolded without unnecessary clutter, allowing users to navigate the digital narrative with ease.

  7. Consistency – The Thread that Binds the Tale:
  8. Picture the consistency found in the chapters of a beloved book – Bento Style encouraged designers to maintain a consistent design language across different sections. This not only created a cohesive look but also ensured users could seamlessly journey through the interface's narrative.

Benefits of Bento Style

  1. Enhanced User Engagement – Inviting Users into the Story:
  2. Bento Style's organized and visually appealing approach became the opening chapter, inviting users to explore and engage with the interface as if embarking on an exciting adventure.

  3. Intuitive Navigation – Guiding Users Through the Plot:
  4. Breaking down information into organized sections, Bento Style acted as a map, guiding users effortlessly through the narrative. Users could find what they sought, enhancing the overall usability of the interface.

  5. Adaptability to Responsive Design – A Tale Across Devices:
  6. Bento Style's compartmentalized approach seamlessly aligned with responsive design principles, ensuring the story remained organized and enchanting across various devices.

  7. Efficient Communication – Making Every Element Count in the Plot:
  8. The visual hierarchy established by Bento Style served as the storyteller's voice, ensuring crucial information was effectively communicated. Users could quickly grasp the significance of different elements, fostering a more efficient and meaningful interaction.

And so, as our tale unfolded, we explored real-world examples where Bento Style had woven a human touch into UI/UX design, creating delightful and organized digital experiences across diverse industries and applications.


In conclusion, the tale of Bento Style is not just a concept but a journey through a rich and engaging narrative. By embracing the principles of organization, simplicity, and visual harmony, designers can transform their UI/UX designs into delightful and organized digital experiences that resonate with users on a human level. Join the Bento Style narrative and craft your own story of digital delight in the vast landscape of UI/UX design.

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