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Drabito is a leading partner for mobile app testing services and supports its Clients to succeed with business apps while managing both functional and non-functional requirements by defining and prioritising of critical vs. non-critical requirements within the app testing on devicesApple, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC suitability etc.

We work till the end to deliver our customers’ with full traceability and relationships between business and test requirements and successfully completed 100+ Physical Devices testing incluidng waerables. Our major areas covered are Supported Network Carrier, dedicated high speed Internet to minimize Network Latency.

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Why Mobile App Testing ?

Now a day, handling product quality in line with cost and timely delivery is one of the most important challenges faced in software development organizations. We support our clients in handlingthe growing intricacy of primary domains, distinguished platforms while reducing release cycles that make the quality assurance challenge even more complicated. We meet our quality necessities through a focus on people, processes, tools and methodology.

Specialist QA and Testing company
We are specialised outsourcing company who is primarily governed by defined Performance Metrics (PM) and Service Level Agreements (SLA). Our Continuous Quality Improvement, properly planned and metrics driven, well-defined testing practices brings definite improvements in quality and delivery processes
Cost Reduction
We are choice by chance for Clients due to our testing coverage tools and automation skills and 100% resource utilization ensures the ROI of product quality initiative. Outsourcingwith Drabitowill include the savings occurred due to declined rework, amplified customer satisfaction, &low product maintenance cost
Customer Centric
To ensure our Clients productivity to Go Extra Miles, we are highking customer oriented and adapt to customer processes which is true value comes from separating the development team from the testing team. Our principalmotivation behind this separation is to provide aneutral view of the product quality and test results.
Ease of doing business with us
It is always proven that strategically product testing will yield bettercost-effective results under outsourcing. During test cycles, we are there for our clients to help in decision making to offshore testing by drawing attention, defining measurable SLA driven goals, and of course, communicating the detailed business planfor flexible business terms leading to seamless knowledge transfer
Faster Time to Market
With the test cycles results, our Clients find it useable and reduced time to market with on time Delivery, reduction in testing cycle and reusability & Automation by skilled resources. The procedures always proven best for our Clients to reach market faster and build competitive edge over opponents.
Agility & Flexibility
We are well-equipped with peaks & troughs, scalabilities and promptness requested by Clients to develop test strategies to optimize the test cycle, test planning to improve coverage and lead the execution of manual and automated tests with much needed degree of flexibility to the client organization.
What We Test

Drabito offers a wide range of Testing expertise in QA, Test and QA Automation. We are experienced and well equipped staffed with QA, Test and Usability professionals, supported by our QA Competency Centre which enables 100% satisfactory results to clients. We understand the cruciality phase of every product development initiative, hence the direct cost of test quality, dedicated team of resources is itself becomes a compelling reason for considering QA & Testing under outsourcing model.

We have reasonable Clients engagements which have resulted in satisfactory outputs in engagement like deliver services like Functional Testing, Automation, and Performance Testing. We deliver the results against:

  • Severe testing cycles on various platforms to assure our Clients about the robustness of application’s performance.
  • Accurate budget and timely delivery of the projects with fully tested results.
  • We improvise the environment similar to production to mitigate the risk of real life problems ofpeak load and concurrency issues.
  • We plan our testing procedures effectivelyaround scalability and Go-live phonomana.
  • Checking the compatibility among major operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows & BlackBerry) with different OS versions is our priority.
  • Focussed on data driven and behaviour driven framework.
  • We start our usability testing at the early stage of the project. Perhaps, UAT is planned at the later end before the releasing the application in production.

Mobile App Testing Tools
  • Selenium
  • Robotium
  • Hp quick test
  • Seetest
  • Telerik
  • HP Load
  • Hp load runner
  • Hp Load ui
  • Appium
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Mobile App Testing Process

Our QA procedures and cycles are fully accomplished to meet the needs of real users.Major companies are facing ever-increasing portfolio of products, Drabito comes out as a strategic partner for ensuring the end-to-end product testing services.


Our association starts with consulting partners via accurate execution and planning in terms of product evaluation, resource planning, scoping, scheduling, strategy preparation etc.


We take effort in configuraing the product comfortably in test environment via Tools evaluation, environment setup etc.


During strategy, we do the preparation for via Requirement Analysis, Test Deigning, Test case writing to ensure we are right at test strategy and automation stretegy.


It is not about test plans execution, we do the through test case, bug reporting and defect management to ensure our development scripting and identifying metrics runs smooth.


Test evaluation starts with system testing, acceptance testing to drive the productivity, deviations and retrospectives platform identification.


We follow distinguished methods of QA practice which leverages our testing process proficiencies and product companies to earn IT cost, scale as well as bandwidth benefits and provides unmatched product testing services.

testing-types testing-types

Manual Testing

With Mobile app testing, our QA practices have eveolved a lot with expertise in a wide range of domains. We have exposure and competencies in dealing with different testing tools such as Load Runner, WebLoad, e-Load, HCT Test Suite, Test Director, Bugzilla, Rational Performance Tester, OpenSTA, QALoad, QTP, E-Tester, Rational Robot, Silk Test QA Run. We know the managememnt of defects with linked workflows and making absolute the activities covered under test definition, execution and defect rectification.

testing-types testing-types

Automation Testing

We are 100% test driven mobile ap testing company as we follow the metrics driven quality measurements procedures of QA Automation to reach the enhanced software application performance. We take it as our pride to assure early defect identification, compact rework and sooner application deployment. Our QA Automationstaff are individual domain specialists who possess excellent understanding of business workflows and run test cases both from functional and non-functional aspects.

testing-types testing-types

Performance Testing

With performance testing, we provides a 360 degree spectrum of Mobile app as product testing to deliver fast-tracked agility and enhanced productivity. It is not only testing the load over concurency but understanding the requirements and project expectations with performance test planning and scenario designing. We take full support for mobile app testing via script development and recording of over the designed scenarios.


Manual Testing

At Drabito, we understand the growing leaps in mobile app era and changing constraints day-to-day. With the wide range of combinations of platforms and smart-devices that every mobile app require support, we work on the application functional areas, navigational tests and GUI testing. All these gives mobile app testing environment a unique service where we can transform our expertise and support end customers to find better useable results. It is not limited to this, we will also take care of interaction of application functions with mobile OS features and Interoperability with other Mobile Applications (System and User Apps).
It is not only functional testing, but we take care of resetting the application customizations (Installation / Un-installation of application) and verifying the impact of application usage on the device (battery life, storage, memory usage). We assure the end to end manual testing procedures to rectify the functional testing and set back the basis of mature test processes, in-house accelerators, and practicing all the functional testing tools available across the industries.

Automation Testing

If you are figuring the ways of cutting down the time to market with substantial cost savings on a long-term basis reducing regression testing time, Drabito will help you with automation testing services. We are all set to execute the automation strategies with clear roadmap using test automation frameworks. Its vital to ensure the business ROI on your testing automation wits. With dissimilar product architecture, multiple dev and productions environments, complex third-party integrations, required support for multiple user enabled devices, we build our approach for automation testing with latest automation tools to ensure higher usability, ease of application maintenance and reduced upfront costs.
Drabito journey for automation test and product architecture review is continous with success of our Clients app testing delightful results. With the involvement where we advise our clients on test automation and executing their automation journey, Drabito has proven is footprints to establish in one of the leading automation testing organizations that creates the worth for software products. Every automation strategy is inclined for meeting the end goals of our enterprise clinet’s via detailed tool valuation exercise within cost budget.

Performance Testing

We understand the real life unpleasant experiences of software applications with behaviour and performance thus the products are recommended to undergo with a real compact performance analysis measures. Every application has several stages which frustrate customers and impact profitability of business badly. With mobile application performance testing, Drabito follow every procedure to ensure the application is approachable and reliable enough to respond to peak time application load days like a big billion day and black Friday sales. We monitor all the associated resources, tuning and re-running the performance tests until the expected level achieved and share the final performance testing report with all the key stakeholders at the end completion of performance staging.
Ensuring a application is capable to scale to other future activities like product enhancement, acquisitions, new clients data, regulatory & compliance changes and increasing business growth. The applications tested with performance testing tools to validate the load for applications can meet any contractual obligations and SLAs for performance. Our USP works on Baselining & Benchmarking reviews to Identifying the base response value & to setup the performance benchmark a limiter of load.

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